A mixed bag of animated loops and short cartoon clips.

I dumped out the big box of old flash animation, picked some of my favourite ones and assembled them in this collection.
Most of the loops were created in flash and in times, when filesize in the web did matter. So often they had to be reduced to the simple idea and animation.


Clients: Canon powershot UK, Ferrero Chocofresh









Soccer player Walther scoring goals in the European Championship 2016!
Short illustrated and animated Clip for Walther – Boxline, an internationally operating producer for transport boxes.
This clip was launched during the European Championship 2016.



Client: Walther Faltbox / Boxline.de
Agency: Thorben Roth Design


Animated Clips for Ferrero Chocofreshs Facebook Page.


Client: Ferrero Chocofresh
Agency: La Red Hamburg



Cinema Spot for B.Z., Berlin Newspaper

Kalle realizes that he has the winning code printed on today’s newspaper…



Animated Clip for freeFibu.de, a taxservice website explaining the pro’s of it’s services.

Music and Sound effects were composed by Christoph von Chamier, off-speaker voice by Kathrin von Chamier



Client: FreeFibu
Music & Sound: Christoph von Chamier
Off-Voice: Kathrin von Chamier

Marvin & Kupe and Mavin & Antonia – all animated clips

Marvin is a sea-faring, world travelling bird, who meets other animals along his way. Joning them on their trails for a bit, they discuss their dreams, exchange their wisdom and often just sing along together. Marvin desperately practices his ukulele skills.

Right after building the red rocket I had the urge to rebuild that shape a second time. Of course I wanted to alter it a bit. I saw no need for the diamondtail anymore, I wanted the rail to be a bit rounder and add some more noserocker. And I always dreamed of a yellow board, so this would be yellow!

A nice sideffect was, that I needed some space in my workshop, so the task was to build a board only with leftovers. Because I’ve used the thicker planks on the red board, I had rather thin ones for this board. That made it even lighter.

The build worked fine and in february the whole family took off for a whole month to our canary winter hideout.
I also brought my big 8.4 longboard with me, but never used it. I was having so much fun with the yellow banana in all kinds of conditions. By the way: the fins I’ve built a bit to sharp. They’ve cut right through the leash. So next ones will get a rounder edge…

Note for the next build: I definitely need a rockertable!











Animated Film for WDR Sportschau – 2007

Short story about a ground keeper and his nightmare: his stadium came to life and is totally out of order…

The idea to this film was worked out together with Daniel Kuhn.
I animated this clip traditionally as a keyframe-based 2D animation, but added some 3D scenes provided by Florian Coenen.
Stanislav Braslavsky and Philip Noha provided the music.


Client: WDR Sportschau
Agency: Daniel Kuhn
3D: Florian Coenen
Music: Stanislav Braslavsky / Philip Noha

It’s winter Season. So I provided some seasonal Illus for Ferrero Chocofresh’s Websites.


What did Iva do in 2015?

I regularly provide Illustration for La Viva, a lifestyle Magazine. Here are some of 2015’s Issues.
Sometimes I really like rejected drafts. SoI included some for you as well.




Client: La Viva Magazine
Agency: Gruner & Jahr

and how they keep their cool.

I was assigned to create a couple of animated clips for Nivea Men Stress Protect Deodorant and a bunch of illustration to run as a poster campaign alongside.
The topic was men in strange and awkward situation and how thay, thanks to this deodorant, stay cool.









Client: Nivea Men Stress Protect
Agency: La Red Hamburg

I regularly provide Illustration for Ferrero Chocofresh’s Websites. Mostly they feature seasonal topics, mixed with quizzes, mazes and polls. Targeting young women they are quite successfull on Facebook.

Here’s a selection of the Summer illustration.



Client: Ferrero Chocofresh
Agency: La Red Hamburg/Berlin

Or wedding rings became weak, especially mine suffered a lot from taking it off for for sanding and filing. 
So it was time build new ones.

I tried out different woods, bending them with heat around a ring mandrel and glued them together with ca glue. This way I produced blanks, much wider than needed and cut them into smaller blanks to put on the mini lathe. I experimented with differen thicknesses and types of wood, even managed to put some inlays of white cedar into dark wenge. With a couple of layers of CA-glue and polishing they came out very shiny and glossy, just linseed oil and waxing also produced a beautiful surface and slightly different look.


I was asked to do an editorial illustration for Connected Rogers about roaming costs in the US.





Client: Roam Like Home
Agency: Connected Rogers



Spring in Ferreroland!

The girls skip work, go on a roadtrip, get lost in mazes, have to count birds, solve some quizzes, do a bikeride and finally relax on the balcony. What a life!


Client: Ferrero Chocofresh
Agency: La Red Hamburg/Berlin

It’s wintertime in fictional Ferreroworld!

The girls play in the snow, dream of tropical islands, hunt treasures like Diana Jones, buy shoes, perform as magicians and celebrate carnival.




Client: Ferrero Chocofresh
Agency: La Red Hamburg/Berlin

“Will you marry me?” – women proposing.

The Baltimore Sun assigned me to do a full page illustration about women proposing for marriage. I thought this might be the right way.
The editors liked it so much that it was adapted and used for a second, tab sized weekly magzine of Baltimore Sun.



Read the article here.

The Department for Tourism and Marketing, City of Düsseldorf produced a new brochure about Düsseldorf, and I was asked to provide some artwork. Boy, did I want to!

The illustration highlight some special features of the city. For example, did you know that the lamps on the outside of our broadcasting tower show the time? Or, that we have a large population of green ring-necked parakeets living in our Parks?

Working on these illustration the wish to create a whole book about Düsseldorf arose. If only I find the time for it…





Client: Stadt Düsseldorf

Anna Goodsons annual coaster sendout.

Anna Goodsons new Coaster arrived, and they are gorgeous. So I used his Workshop window for a small “Coaster Exhibition”.
Big thanks to the whole Group.

Oli von Langbrett erzählte mir schon recht früh von seinen Plänen, einen kurzen Surffilm in der Bretagne zu drehen. Da wir unabhängig vom ganzen Team in unserem Bus wohnen können war für un sofort klar, dass wir auch fahren wollten.

Im Oktober ging es dann los, schön gemütlich mit je einer Übernachtung pro Strecke. Bei Ankunft waren dann gleich alle da: das Langbrett Team mit Familien und Kindern, das Filmteam mit Kameras und einer Drohne und alle Surfer der Hermannstraße in ihren Bussen. Mit so vielen anderen Surfern bin ich weder vorher jemals gereist noch habe ich mit so einer Crowd jemals gesurft. War aber erstaunlich lustig.
In der ganzen Woche wechselten sich Drehs mit freiem Surfen, gemeinsamen kochen, Kinder bespaßen und lustigem Allerlei ab. Da alle offen dem Ozean zugewandten Spots hoffnungsvoll verblasen und viel zu groß waren sind wir dann auf die etwas geschützteren ausgewichen. Glücklicherweise bietet die Bretagne so vielseitige und unterschiedliche Spots, dass wir immer wieder eine schöne Welle gefunden haben. Kerloc’h und Douarnenez bin ich auf diesem Trip zum ersten mal gesurft, als der Sturm etwas weniger wild wurde hatten wir aber auch noch tolle Sessions in der Baie des Trépassés. Das Wetter spielte auch auf dem gesamten Trip mit. Nachts regnete es fast durchgehend, aber die Tage waren sonnig bis wolkenfrei.

Den fertigen Film von Langbrett könnt ihr hier sehen: https://www.langbrett.com/film/bretagne/

For La Viva, a lifestyle Magazine I created Iva, the main character leading through the Mag.
So on a regular basis I provide new adaptations and illustrations around Iva’s worldof cooking, beauty products, the right fit for a jeans etc.
Here are some from the past few months.

For the second time the Illustratoren-Festival invited for the big group show.

I aplied and – woohoo! – was selected by the Jury to participate. My wife Dasha also got selected, so we decided to share one wall.

Always nice to meet your fellow illustrators. Around 50 Artists participated and the quality of the exhibition was pretty good. And it attracted a huge crowd of visitors, estimated around 2000 in three days. I brought Mike of “oneofthem” into play and he put up his mobile serigraphy booth, which was a big success and loved by the visitors. There had been a couple of lectures and workshops like Bürgies “Zeichenfee” or my Woodprint workshop. Funny and challenging to get about 15 people to produce a woodprint in about two hours. Luckily woodprint – specialist Thomas Peters of “kunstraumdreizwanzig” came by and jumped in helping participants with all their questions.


The Editors of G&J asked me to create a character for their Magazine “La Viva”.

After a short pitch and some stages of finetuning I’m happy to present to you: Iva La Viva!



Client: La Viva Magazine
Agency: Gruner & Jahr

Jojo Ensslin provided two illustrations for an article about single parents and blended families for “Thriving Family Magazine”.







Client: Thriving Family Magazine

I needed a new Board.

My “Wack Board”, shaped by Hubert of crank surfboards still does his job, but due to its rocker it needs waves with a bit of punch or size. And when it’s a bit windier, due to it’s size it’s really hard to carry over sharp rocks or wiggly and slippery pebbles. So I wanted my new board to be a bit smaller, lighter, a bit less rocker but also with enough volume to compensate for the arms and the tummy. And I wanted it to be red.

I found a suitable plan online, altered the rocker and the shape a bit, printed out the ribs and spine on A4 sheets and glued them back together. Of course I could have ordered a large print, but this method worked fine before and I didn’t want to wait any longer before I could start. I still had enough paulownia planks and thin cedar strips for the rails, just needed some plywood for the ribs and stringer.

We planned on going to Portugal in December, as our last twosome trip, so I needed to get the board finished quickly. Mostly it worked out well, but it became clear that I would need a rockertable for future boards. Glassing was still difficult for me, but with more and more practice I’m quite confident that the next board will come out better. The red pigment in the resin left just enough woodstructure visible to become a subtle mix of wood and plastic. To brand it with “Yolk Surfboards” label, my fictional surfcompany, I cut out a woodprint and printed on fibreglass cloth.

I tested it in Portugal, and I was happy right away. It is the lightes board in my quiver so far, paddels well and the moment I took off it becomes pretty fast and stays maneuverable. It works in weaker waves then my big board and also not unimportant: I’ve built it myself;)



Three fantastic weeks in Gwendrez.