Let’s Collab! Animation

Let’s Collab!

This clip was Originally thought to be used at the Frankfurter Buchmesse but actually became a short and nice standalone clip showcasing the diverse spectrum of kombinatrotweiss’ illutrators and linking to our group-project called “Let’s Collab!”. Of course it’s just a glimpse into the amazing work my fellow illustrators have to show.

I had just about two days to do it, so from the beginning it was clear that I will have to reduce and focus on few elements in this animation. As I was trying out a new character rigging and a totally new mouth-rig, I was eager to try it out in this project.

Svetlana Jakel @kombinatrotweiss did the voice recording herself and Christoph von Chamier did the music and sound design. The rigging worked very well and it was nice to see, that in a relatively short amount of time it was possible for me to provide lip-synced animation. I was also very glad, that Svetlana liked my character design of herself, as I often find this to be the hardest part.


client: kombinatrotweiss illustration
voice over: Svetlana Jakel
music and sound design: Christoph von Chamier