Years end in Chocolateland

Some new seasonal illustration for Chcoofresh.

For nearly eight years now I regularly provide artwork for Ferrero Chocofresh. Here’s a collection of the last half-year.




Client: Ferrero Chocofresh
Agency: La Red Berlin

Guppy Friend

My dear friend Oli Spies of Langbrett Skate and Surfshop asked me to get involved in their new project to do an important part in protecting our oceans.

Of course I was right away very interested, not just because of this important topic, but also to do something more profound than all this “nice and smiling illustrations” for commercial use.

So the background story in short: Microfibers released during the washing process of fleece and other artificial fabrics to a high percentage end up in our oceans. There they pollute and even poison marine life and accumulate again through the food chain coming back to us. Microfibers, even though being very tiny take a big hit at our environment and are already being found all around the globe.

Langbrett started to research and develop a special washing bag, called the  “Guppy Friend washing bag”. This especially designed fabric is able to stop 99% of all fibers during the washing process, so they can be collected and disposed properly before they go into the waste water systems.

To fund this project they started a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and to explain this topic they needed an animated explanatory film. Here I came into play.
I wanted the look of the film being underwater, with some caustic effects, and lots of different fabrics, print-ons, patterns and patches, and of course: stitched typo. So I found a nice way to hijack a particle effect for adding stitches to the outlines of the fonts. Lights, caustic effects, a lot of particle emitters and animations really made my computer sweat.

To explain the problem of microfiber pollution on the accompanying pages i also provided some infographics.

Wanna learn more or even support them?

Support them here (

Animated gifs

I was asked to do a bunch of animated gifs for a Samsung Campaign. It’s been easily 10 years since I did animated gifs, and it took me a while to understand my optimal way of production.

Normally in animation filesize isn’t an issue, but with animated gifs on social media platforms that’s different.

It turned out to be the safest way to animate as usual in After FX, but this time in 30 FPS. This gave me some flexibility with framerates, and in the end I was able to do multiple outputs in 30 FPS and 15 FPS, and combine them again in Photoshop. This way I could vary depending on the filesize, and didn’t loose fluidity through the whole animation.

During production I was asked to also provide the animation in full HD, so I was very happy, that I already did the animation in 30 FPS, so exporting to a different format was not problem. Yay!

Timing in this ob was pretty tight, but thanks to the good teamwork with Cheil’s art director Guido Böhm all went well.




Client: Samsung
Agency: Cheil






Animation Showcase


Showreel of selected animation, funny loops and interactive animation.

I finally managed to assemble my animation works and projects in a short showcase.

All animations are done in classic 2D Style, though newer ones also contain some 3D rendering, camera-, and and light effects. Depending on the assignment, animations were done fully rendered for filmprint (cinema projection), broadcast as well as interactive flash-, or html5 based animation.

Bongholio Iglesias provided some tunes for this Showcase.
Thanks, big ape!

Postcard Set

Ten woodprint motifs in a Postcard-set.

Offset print on thick paper, 4 colours with UV coat on the front side.
Labelled with a hand-printed woodcut on the sleeve.

Want them? You can order them online at


My Catalogue!

Woodprints and related stuff

My first catalogue containing non-commissioned artwork from 14 busy years! Yeah!

On one hundred pages I’m showing not only a complete and never before seen compilation of all my woodprints, but also serigraphies, free illustration as well as some insights in my  “Yolk” workshop, where the printing, shaping, cutting and glassing is done.

I printed all 100 copies of the first edition with an original woodprint on the linnen cover and now they are ready to be shipped.

If you want a copy, you can order it online at the Orenji Store.


“unfinished” – the new book of kombinatrotweiss’ artists.
Instead of providing final illustration we were asked to do scribbles, unfinished work, edgy and non-commercial, notes and blueprints of ideas. The book itself not only leaves space in form of empty pages and unfinished work but space for the viewers imagination aims to inspire the user to use it, draw in it, perhaps finish it.

Round thing, square box

It’s European Championship time. And so I was asked to do an animated clip for: a box!

Okay, it was not a box, but Walther Boxline, producer of all sorts of boxes, foldable crates etc.

The story was straight forward but the timing was pretty tight, so I had to start right away. For this animation I wanted to achieve more space and depth in the images, so I decided to arrange all layers and animation in a 3D environment to be able to use virtual cameras and their depth of field. It was quite tricky, but as always I learned a lot and am quite happy with the outcome.



Client: Walther Faltbox /
Agency: Thorben Roth Design

Chocofresh Illustration

I regularly provide Illustration for Ferrero Chocofresh’s online sites. The Illustration often contain a mix of seasonal topics, small quizzes and mazes.

Here are some Illus I did in the first quarter of the year.





Client: Ferrero Chocofresh
Agency: La Red Berlin/Hamburg

Illu 16 Group Show

For it’s third time the “illustratoren-festival” was held up in cologne showing more than 50 artists.

Initiated and organized from illustrators for illustrators it became a big success in the first two events in 2012 and 2014, attracting more than 2000 visitors. So the stakes were high.
Because the former venue wasn’t available anymore, the show moved to a new Place. And what a beautiful place it was: Horbach Stiftung in Cologne Südstadt is located in fully renovated industrial buildings, seperated in three main halls with walls reaching up to 6 meters.

It’s been so nice and inspirational to meet all my fellow colleagues. Meeting some of them for the third time in a group show, it felt very familiar right from the start.
For this exhibition the Illu 16 Team spend some money on new wooden walls and they were worth their money. With lots of helping hands we put them together and started hanging our work. For me that was quite a challenge. This time I wanted to show a lot of smaller prints and one or two large ones. But I didn’t do any planning on where to hang which one. So I just started by climbing up the highest ladder I could find and hang one large print as high as possible, just to see if it would look good. It looked good, so I hanged another one on the other wall and started filling up the spaces in between with smaller ones. And it worked quite well even without any planning or grid. Perhaps I was just lucky.

We were still a bit afraid that the new venue or other events on that day could mean few visitors. But we were quite wrong. The opening of the show was a sucess and the next days brought so many visitors that there was a queue up to the street from time to time.

For three days the show was opened, and I hardly managed to speak to every artist or to go to all lectures. It was just too much. And full. More than 3000 vistitors on three days. phew!

Big thanks to the organizing team who did a great job putting up this wonderful powwow of regional artists.