Woodprint for Rock Trust

I was asked to provide an original postcard for Rock Trusts Postcard Art Exhibition & Auction 2017. I already participated in the recent years, so I was happy to participate again.

Rock Trust is a scottish charity organization helping and working together with young people who are homeless or at the risk of becoming homeless. Every two years they organize a big postcard exhibition and auction, with participants from Scotland and abroad..
This year the Exhibition will take place in Summerhall, Edinburgh from 23. June until 14th of July.

For more information visit Rock Trust Exhibition Site

and for the auction go the Auction and bid!

Neilla, my intern at that time, filmed  the whole process. With little additional footage and some editing I finally did a short clip about the woodcutting and printing process. So, lean back and watch how it’s done!





Springtime in La Viva land

For La Viva Magazine, I regularly provide artwork about the main character “Iva” I created a while ago.

Here’s the newest one for the upcoming spring issue.





Client: La Viva Magazine
Agency: Gruner & Jahr

Lidl Kids App

For Lidl’s Kids App I provided some illustration and animated a short Clip also using the existing artwork from the app.

The clip was first shown in Portugal, but will soon be adapted for more countries…

In this App you are managing a small market place. If you are successfull and satisfy the customers you are able to upgrade your stands until it will become a real supermarket.

The whole project was build and animated in After Effects, using the 3d features and quick camera movements for the transitions between the stages.









Client: Lidl
Agency: Leo Burnett, Frankfurt am Main

El Quemao Class 2017

Invitational Surf & Bodyboard Contest. 09.03. & 10.03.2017

For the second year in a row I was lucky to be on Lanzarote while this impressive contest takes place. I was chatting with the baywatch at Famara Beach, when he told me, that El Quemao was on!
So for the afternoon and the next day the whole family went and enjoyed this lovely surf event at La Santa.

Conditions were perfect: Big Swells coming from NE and a strong and hot wind blowing from the East formed perfect tubes on the reef.

El Quemao class is an invitational Big wave Surf & Bodyboard contest, held only in perfect conditions, so its no wonder that the waiting period stretches from 1st of january until 30. of march. The List of surfers ínclude some of the best european surfers and some others coming from far away places like Tahiti and Martinique. Some of them I’ve already seen surfing in Mundaka and Teahupoo. Just to drop some names: Eric Rebiere, Kevin Bourez, Marc Lacomare, Miky Picon, Nic Von Rupp, Ramon Navarro,  Tiago Pires, Tom Lowe, Antonio Marqués, Aritz Aranburu, Eukeni Masa,  Natxo González…

By the way, Antonio Marqués won the surf competition.


Artwork for Audi

Audi A5 Sportback G-Tron

I was asked by Chimney to create some artwork for a new TV Spot for Audis A5 G-Tron. The spot is all about memes showing differences between expectations and reality. My part would be the only animated sequene in the whole clip but it will only be about 3 seconds long. Normally I love to provide the animation as well, but this time the animation was done by Guilherme Todorov and I’m very happy with the outcome.


you can watch the full clip here on the horizont webpage


Client: Audi
Agency: Chimney, Berlin



Meeting the friendly octopus

Wind too strong, waves too big, what to do?

The wind was blowing strongly from the north, the swell was at about 1.5 meters and the whole western side of Lanzarote was a mess. So we decided to go to the eastern side of the island to find a calmer spot. Playa la Garita was packed with surfers, but the waves were pretty small and breaking close to shore. Punta Mujeres and Jameos del Agua looked nice and surfable, but we had different plans. We went on north and found a beautiful small bay sheltered from the wind and the waves. After some adventures with the kids I  took my snorkeling gear and went into the water. Visibility was great and right from the beginning there was a lot to see. Goldsponges and sea cucumbers, lots of little fish and a what’s that!?
There was an octopus next to a gurnard, and he was out in the open, in plain sight, not hidden at all!

Ever since I was snorkeling encountering octopuses has always been a highlight, but for the last couple of years I was quite unlucky in finding them. And here he was, nearly waving his arms at me. I dove down, and he hid a bit between two rocks. But just as I was at the suface again, he came out, swam around and did some colour tricks. For around fifteen minutes I was able to again and again dive down to him, film him, offer him anew stone (which he always indected right away). Sometimes octopus try to grab the camera or put an arm around your hand or so, but this guy was not the touchy type. Right when I started to get too cold it seems he also had enough and swam some meters away. So I waved good bye and swam back ashore.


Geographic Farming

Do you know the qualities of your city?

Hungry Eye Media from Denver Colorada asked me to provide an illustration for their client RE/MAX, to be published on their newssite. The article deals about geo-farming and how to optimize your real estate business.
So I did some scribbling and came up with three drafts.


Client: RE/MAX
Agency: Hungry Eye Media, Denver Colorado

Iva La Viva

Two years ago I created “Iva” for “La Viva” printed issue and their website.
For most Issues I get assigned to do new artwork with Iva and her friends.

Here’s a collection of the recent ones for the December and January Issues.

Also visit the website www.laviva.com to read Iva’s blog.






Client: La Viva
Agency: Gruner & Jahr

Lidl Xmas animation

Santa packing the sleigh…

I was asked to provide animation and sound for Lidl’s Xmas sendout.



Client: Lidl
Agency: Leo Burnett


Samsung Xmas Animation

Washing machines with special hatches, cats riding vacuum cleaners and santa in virtual reality.

For Samsung I provided 6 animated clips for their Xmas-specials.





Client: Samsung
Agency: Leo Burnett